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Atlanta’s Transportation Plan and all accompanying documents are posted below.

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Shift ATL: Changing How Atlanta Moves

Creating an Atlanta that is prepared for its anticipated growth will require that we reframe the way we think and talk about mobility in the City, and that we develop new approaches to measuring our efforts and communicating what success looks like. SHIFT ATL was developed to begin doing all of those things.

SHIFT ATL is a City-wide analysis that scores areas based on how suitable they are for living a less car-dependent lifestyle based on current conditions. It provides a customized and data-driven framework for evaluating the state of car-free livability across the city and for assessing our progress in this arena over time. Beyond that, SHIFT ATL is a conversation starter. It's our hope that this initiative will open new dialogues about car-free living in Atlanta, and the interplay of density and land use in transportation planning. Visit Shift ATL

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