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Atlanta is on the move. The City of Atlanta has developed a draft transportation plan to create a world-class sustainable transportation system that addresses the current and future mobility needs of our growing and evolving city. We will be finalizing the plan soon, and have made it available for review, along with detailed technical memorandums and an interactive map on the Facts & Data page. Send us your comments on the draft documents.

What is Atlanta's Transportation Plan?

The City of Atlanta has updated the Connect Atlanta Plan, its first comprehensive transportation plan adopted in 2008. The result is Atlanta's Transportation Plan, which will support the long-term vision of the Atlanta City Design effort and provide policy and project recommendations to create the transportation system Atlanta needs for its vibrant future. Atlanta's Transportation Plan will leverage local funding sources through the MARTA and T-SPLOST sales taxes and the Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond program. The plan also ties into regional and federal funding opportunities through the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Why is Atlanta's Transportation Plan Important?

Atlanta is growing! Citywide population has been increasing steadily since 2010 and developers and companies are investing in Atlanta. With that growth comes new places to live, work, and play, and the need to create a comprehensive transportation system that works for everyone. Our goal is to plan future improvements and programs that will create a world-class, sustainable transportation system that is safe, efficient, and equitable for everyone.

Earlier this year we reached out to residents to hear how people currently get around and what investment priorities are most important to them. These priorities included reducing the amount of time they spent in the car, the expansion of rail and transit systems, more sidewalks and trails for biking and walking safely, improved safety and maintenance, and ride-sharing options. Check out our complete results here.

Now we are seeking additional input from residents - on every block throughout the City, to guide how we prioritize and allocate resources in the recommendations of Atlanta's Transportation Plan (ATP). Give us your input!

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